I’ve got these friends. Its two girls, and they run a film and television publicity company. Mostly what I remember about sharing space with them is the amount of boxes everywhere! Now, that may sound unorganised – but these two girls are anything but unorganised. I think what the boxes symbolise is the amount of work they do for their clients. Its industrious! Things coming in – things going out – more things coming in – more and more things going out.

What’s in the boxes? Stuff. Heaps of publicity stuff – which means a shitload of work being done for their clients. Wow, that’s productivity people!

What else do you get when you deal with ABCG? You get AB and you get CG. Cathy and Alicia – and boxes. That’s what ABCG is. Boxes and people! Well, that’s not really all you get – you get a lot more. But its a nice place to start when developing a Visual Identity for these two film and TV publicists.

The last, but most important thing you get from ABCG – is LOVE! You get their attention and care. Awwww, shucks.

Oh, and the identity has the whole ABCD... ‘building blocks’ reference going on too. I think I've ticked some boxes on this one.

Design & creative: Brad Welsh

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